Payment24 can also provide a PTS Controller which supports more than 60 types of fuel dispensers and pumps from various manufacturers. Each homebase can be equipped with a forecourt controller which will pre-authorise all transactions against the set parameters prior to enabling the pump to dispense fuel. All the transactional data will be automatically recorded for reporting in real time through the web portal.

Alternatively a terminal can be provided for vehicle recognition and the manual capture of pertinent data. The terminal used at the home bases, for reading the contactless NFC tags and inputting data, will be the same as used on the retail forecourts although a more rugged device may be employed if the operating environment dictates.

The fuelling process will work exactly the same as on the retail forecourt making for a seamless and consistent driver refuelling experience.

Fuel delivery Management

Supervisor can capture fuel deliveries which are received into the tanks. Again this helps Merchant keep track of end to end fuel dispensing and fuel receipts. We can also use this data for Automatic Stock Replenishment alerts to the merchant and head office if enabled.

Wet Stock Management

Supervisor can capture pump mechanical reading at the start of the shift and also at closing of the shift to check for fuel theft. Mismanagement and losses. This is measured against the total sales done during a particular shift.

Tank Management

Supervisors and Merchants can configure Tanks, their capacity and the products they carry in the portal. This is used if the customer wants to use the Portal to perform complete Tank and Delivery management and extract reports against the actual dispensing performed at the site.

Automated Tank Gauging

Payment24 can integrate with many existing ATG products, or supply from new if required. This is a prudent practise and facilitates the electronic reconciliation for all sites for control and monitoring deliveries and of any possible leaks and losses.

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PAYMENT24 ensures that all connections and communications are private and all information is confidential across all platforms.

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