Let your customers order ahead with the Payment24 Click & Collect app

Offer your customers the option to order products via a mobile app, pay online and collect at a convenient location. The app is completely branded with your corporate identity and your customers can download the app from all the mobile app platforms: Apple, Android, Huawei.

In addition to Click & Collect functionality, the app also comes with pre-built features such as promotions, store locator and push notifications to choose from.

All aspects of the app can be managed via a web interface including store details, product catalog management, special offers, promotions and order management.

Click & Collect
How it works

Your customers simply browse your range of products, build up their shopping basket and select a convenient pickup time and location to collect their order. Payment can be concluded within the app or at time of collection using payment methods you support such as credit card, pre-paid wallets and mobile money partners

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Additional App Features

– Product Management – Manage products and pricing on a global (head office) or local (store-level) basis.

– Promotion Management – Built-in promotion management, customer segmentation and targeting.SMS, Whatsapp, In-App push notifications

– Store Locator – Allow you customers to find the stores and amenities in their immediate vicinity and get directions.

– Loyalty Enabled – Works seamlessly with our loyalty module or we can link to your existing loyalty partner. Earn and redeem supported

– Unlimited product variations – An intuitive interface allowing your app users to select from additional product options, e.g. a extra sprinkles and/or cream with a standard milkshake

Payment24 Click & Collect
Who can use Click & Collect?

The Payment24 Click & Collect mobile app can be used by all companies selling goods and services. The ideal company has multiple stores or locations with more than one store at a location, for instance a service station with a convenience store, quick service restaurant and car wash. App users will see all stores/outlets at a given location. Examples of Click & Collect outlets:

– Restaurants and fast food outlets

– Grocery and Convenience stores

– Car Maintenance and Car Care such as car wash

– Pharmacies & other health care outlets

– Car Rental Agencies

Safe & Secure

PAYMENT24 ensures that all connections and communications are private and all information is confidential across all platforms.

Fast Response

We have the technology to respond to your requests rapidly. Loyalty and promotions are often spur of the moment inspirations. We deliver.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer support and guidance to clients whether for simple or complex problems. We have a solution.