What is Payment24?

Payment24 is a…

  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Mobile & Card Based
  • Fleet, Loyalty & eWallet
  • Couponing Platform

Payment24 Platform

  1. Fleet Fuel Management
  2. Loyalty & Rewards
  3. Mobile Wallet & Money Transfer
  4. Electronic Vouchers & Coupons
  5. Airtime & Electricity Vending
  6. Auto Dealership Fuel Management
  7. Payment24 Context

Payment24 Platform Components:

Payment24 Platform mainly has 4 unique components as shown below:

Payment24 platform is independent of the hardware on the Forecourt or C-Store. It can integrate with any POS like WinBranch, Netpos, PEC & GAAP etc, using the XML interface with the Payment24 Transaction Engine. There is no requirement for any server installation per country either as its centrally hosted with Microsoft Windows Azure Platform which makes the Payment24 Backend & Transaction Engine available globally.

Why choose Web Payment Solution

Account Necessary!

No Merchant Account Necessary!

Contract Required!

No 12 Month Contract Required!

Cancellation period

Only 30 day cancellation period.

Website Required!

No Website Required

Coding Required?

No Coding Required at all


Real-time bank authorizations and verification

Payment System

Use our web based payment system


Payment24 is a cost-effective solution with a low set-up fee

Credit Card

Credit card details are encrypted using digital certificates.

Free Payouts

Free Payouts are made every week.

Urgent Payouts

Urgent payouts also possible on request.

Credit Cards

Accept all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard etc

Accept Orders

Accept orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Payment Gateway

Help in transferring from your existing payment gateway


Online real time order reports and balance reports

Free Administration

Free administration of your orders through control panel

Email Notifications

Email notifications for each order placed on your website

Excellent Support

Excellent Support and access to your order status reports