Paradigm Seeks Expansion

by / Wednesday, 15 July 2015 / Published in Fleet Fuel Management

Paradigm intends to expand its fuel management system in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana, as well as in other African countries through a network of partners, says Paradigm MD Shadab Rahil.

The Payment24 fuel payment and driver management system can be deployed using existing equipment and systems present at most fuel station forecourts, and is in strong demand in developing countries.

The Payment24 system uses contactless radio-frequency identification on banking terminals to manage vehicle verification and fuel payments, including prepaid and postpaid accounts. The forecourts of many fuel retailers in developing countries already have contactless readers on their terminals. “Our system provides good control over fuel and payments and is easy to roll out across a wide network of fuel retailers.

We mainly focus on developing markets, including Africa, Asia and South America, to provide a low-cost and reliable security solution for fuel payments. “Our system is specifically targeted at small, medium-sized and microenterprises, and the low cost of deployment, good security and control, as well as real-time management and monitoring, are significant benefits to smaller companies and have resulted in robust demand for our system,” says Rahil.

The system can be used to link drivers and vehicles to specific fuel transactions, enabling many combinations of fuel payment permission and verification processes to provide robust security and control over fleet fuel management.  PetrolWorld 070415