Payment24 Fleet Fuel Management


Payment24 Fleet Management is one of first fleet payment solutions which can operate using a Mobile Application, Fleet Card or Card-less method. It’s a low cost Fleet Management System.

The Mobile Fleet Application is installed on the Driver’s smart phone or can work on old feature phones using USSD as well.

Payment24 Fleet is a complete Fleet Payment Solution. It not only works on a Mobile but it also has support of standard Fleet Card which can be issued to Drivers.

Our fleet cards are based on contactless technology although the mobile fleet option is the recommended way to for smaller fleet customers in order to keep ongoing costs low.


Mobile-less & Card-less:

Payment24 also has Fleet Fuel Control without even issuing a Fleet Card or Fleet Mobile Application. Please contact for more information.

The South African Payment24 Platform was developed as a low cost hardware independent solution to solve the problem of monitoring fuel and controlling fuel expense for fleets as small as 3 vehicles who usually use accounts with specific service stations, which has led to ongoing and prevalent fuel fraud and theft.

With the price of fuel remaining volatile and being the biggest cost centre in running a fleet, the use of analytics to log and review data intelligently has become invaluable

Core Features:

  • No need to roll out any tags/cards
  • Vehicle Identification at the forecourt
  • Card-less fleet solution using LPR
  • ODO meter capturing
  • Driver Identification
  • Add Fleet controls to your Credit Card
  • Real-time override authorisations
  • Vehicle performance reports
  • Comprehensive Fleet parameters
  • Cross Border transactions

fleet card

Mobile Fleet Management
Payment24 Mobile Fleet & Fleet Card allows Large Fleet Companies & Small Fleet owner to have an efficient, well-run fleet which has a significant and positive impact on overall productivity.

Our Mobile Fleet & Fleet Card offers convenience and is a useful way of paying for, monitoring and controlling vehicle fuel costs.

Purchases and fees for all, or specifically grouped vehicles, are paid for through a central billing facility, which results in no separate payment per vehicle. You can run your Fleet as Prepaid or Post Paid. The fleet account can be settled daily, weekly or monthly. We recommend weekly settlement to avoid large month end bills and better rebates.

All the Intelligent Fuel Management reports quantify potential losses by percentage, litres and rand value. This feature enables fleet operators to manage quantifiable losses instead of fuel consumption figures, allowing fuel consumption to be justified. The use of fleet card system eliminates the need for carrying cash and makes it easier to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring at a fleet owner or manger’s expense.
  • A single driver can belong to multiple vehicles or vice versa
  • Avoid unexpected charges and overspending by your employees by restricting cards to fuel specific fuel type, location, time of day, day of the week and many other individual controls.
  • Transactional information is provided to Fleet Managers and Owners in Real Time in various formats not at just at the end of the month which decreases fraud
  • Transactions are authorised at forecourt and workshop point of sale terminals in real time
  • Mitigate fraudulent purchases by requiring each driver to enter a pin code before every transaction, although this can be optional
  • 24/7 online account access and real-time reporting
  • Access customizable reports through Payment24 Backend Fleet Portal
  • Detailed tracking of expenses and mileage by driver, vehicle and department
  • Monitoring of fraudulent or suspicious behaviour
  • Email and SMS notifications of unusual transactions
  • Easy to understand reporting provides details on every transaction for each fuel card
  • Online account access allows you to easily manage your fleet fuel cards 24/7/365
  • Help reduce overspending by setting daily transaction limits
  • Assign cards to individual drivers or to vehicles.
  • Change purchasing authorization and spending criteria quickly and easily.

Methods of Fleet Payment:

  • Fleet Mobile Application
  • Contactless Fleet Card
  • License Disc
  • Vehicle Number Plate


fleet management
  • Verify if correct vehicle was on the forecourt
  • Volume/Tank size allowed per transaction
  • Volume allowed per week
  • Number of transactions allowed per day
  • Number of transactions allowed per week
  • Number of incorrect PIN entries allowed
  • Card lock-out period after incorrect PINs
  • Volume allowed per day
  • Days of the week card can be used
  • Times of the day card can be used
  • Allowed Locations
  • Allowed Products
  • Many more….
  • Low cost roll out model with little no infrastructure or start-up costs. Fleet Managers can just use current License Discs on their wind shields to start using Payment24 Fleet
  • Oil companies can allow their Fleet customers to perform cross border transaction.
  • It’s a safe and convenient way to pay because there is no need to carry cash
  • Real-time authorisation at the time of the transaction and reporting of approved and declined transactions ensures pro-active control of expenses
  • Increased security to protect you against any possible fraudulent transactions
  • It’s a convenient and useful way of paying for fuel, oil or anything at selected Service Stations.
  • A management tool to effectively manage financial, technical and operational cost

Who can use Payment24 Fleet?

  • Large Fleet Companies
  • Small Business Owners with more than 3 vehicles
  • Oil Companies who want to offer their Fleet Customers their own branded Fleet System
  • Service Stations owners who would like to be able to accept Payment24 Fleet volumes at their forecourts


  • Enable you to identify under performing vehicles and rules infractions.
  • Assist with fleet-specific calculations
  • Help analyse overall spending.
  • Integrate spending data directly into your company’s accounting or other financial systems.
The Web-based services give you access to detailed spending and management tools. With these tools, you can locate fleet suppliers who accept Payment24 Fleet and organize fleet related data into useful reporting and information.
  • High Monthly Fees of up to R45pm, even higher for smaller fleets
  • No Cash Back or Rewards on Petrol, Oil Diesel transactions
  • Not Controls over time based or locations
  • Not flexible or cost effective for small fleet owners
  • No real time feedback or notification on transactions to avoid fraud
  • No real time reporting facilities
  • No real time authorizations by Fleet Managers