How S.A. retailers can leverage Location Based Technology – without the infrastructure

by / Wednesday, 15 July 2015 / Published in Geofencing & Pin Point with iBeacons

Location based technology, explains Nolan Daniel, Director at Paradigm Group, is “…the ability to deliver personalised notifications to your consumer…” based on their previous buying habits and current location. This technique is extremely successful in retail as it is relevant to the consumer; as opposed to customers receiving messages willy-nilly, they receive messages when they are in the actual store, for example. Daniel says it’s a fact that location based messages are opened over 40% of the time – whereas normal sms messages are only opened around 1% of the time. Location Based Technology also provides retailers with a huge amount of data which they can use to improve the services they provide for their customers.
The problem with Location Based Technology…
Infrastructure. Human resources. Daniel explains that, although retailers might be aware of Location Based Technology, they do not always know how to use it effectively – particularly if they lack the IT environment and skills to do so. Consumers also need to be educated on Location Based Technology so that they understand when and why they will be receiving messages.
Outsourcing IT skills to implement Location Based Technology…
Retailers can utilise Location Based Technology even if they do not have the IT skills by outsourcing these services. There are various platform providers which retailers can use, such as Paradigm Group’s Payment24, which helps retailers to implement Location Based Technology – as when it’s needed.