Payment24 Fleet Management is one of first fleet payment solutions which can operate using a Mobile Application, Fleet Card or Card-less method. It’s a low cost Fleet Management System. Payment24 Fleet is a complete Fleet Payment Solution. It not only works on a Mobile but it also has support of standard Fleet Card which can be issued to Drivers.



It is perfect for non-banked or security conscious customers who want to keep their personal information, such as credit card details, secret. The Payment24 Mobile Wallet allows consumers to securely store and spend funds with the option to link credit cards to their mobile wallets as a funding mechanism.



Telematics is just a fancy word for a group of technologies that work together to enable crucial data to be gathered from Fleet vehicles in real-time, to be relayed to the Head Office, as the foundation stone of a full fleet management system.



Increase customer loyalty, revenue and be more competitive by using Payment24’s Loyalty and Rewards module. This module enables organisations to better understand their customers’ preferences and spending habits, while monitoring, reinforcing and rewarding desired behaviours.



Consumers automatically receive notifications on their smartphones when they enter or exit a defined geographic area. This could be a store, school, an event or a shopping mall within a radius of 50m to 20km.


Let us help you streamline your business

Payment24 gives fuel retailers total, real-time control of their business. You can manage customers, operations and costs all in one integrated online system. Payment24 reduces your fuel expense by automating the fuel dispensing and payment process for fleet vehicles and individuals. We use real-time mobile, cloud and sensor technologies to eliminate the hassle of managing and monitoring your fuel transactions.


Our tools give you immediate information about your business with actionable data that allows you to make smarter business decisions, saving you time, money and your reputation. Our inspired cutting-edge software connects with your existing software so you don’t need to spend a fortune installing expensive new technology.


From a mobile perspective, we support the three main operating systems – Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. Payment24 has announced an exciting new partnership with a major Oil Company to bring an industry first to the local fuel market.
MOBILE FUELLING brings retailers and drivers the future of fuel payments by allowing them to use their mobile phone to pay for fuel.


Mobile Fuelling literally allows you to control the petrol pump directly from your mobile phone, setting the number of the pump, the type of fuel and the amount. Consumers want to fill up their tanks as quickly as possible, while also managing their fuel expense. The App allows a major Oil Company customers to top up their tanks with no need for cash or cards. We believe mobile fuelling is the global future of fuel payments. We expect a lot of fuel and garage cards will be replaced by this technology within the next decade. Get in early!


Check these other retailer-friendly services


GeoFence is Payment24’s location-aware module that delivers relevant promotional notifications to consumers at the right place and the right time.

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Mobile Fuelling

Our latest innovation is controlling the petrol pump and paying for fuel directly from the driver’s seat using your mobile.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Increase customer loyalty, revenue and be more competitive by using Payment24’s specifically designed Loyalty and Rewards module.

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Mobile Wallet

Any retailer can set up their own Payment24 mobile wallet system quickly. It’s perfect for non-banked consumers or customers who are security conscious.

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We OFFER more efficiency, less hassle and very happy customers

Using a Payment24 system creates a simple one-stop integrated interface for clients to use when buying fuel. We also offer a host of unique tools that enable clients to empower their fleets – from mobile applications, to driver verification, to fleet dashboards that create a competitive advantage for them and a lock-in effect for you. This eliminates the fuel-fraud epidemic that has plagued the industry for years. We’ve got your back.

And The Price is Nice

This is a comparatively low-cost operation but the return on investment is huge. Manage the fuel consumption of all your clients, enable and disable accounts across your distribution channels in real-time. Know exactly what is going on in any area of your business – as it happens. From a price perspective, there’s no costly sensor ring to install on the nozzles, and only an easy-to-use mobile terminal is needed.

Works with any Hardware
  • Use our hardware or your existing hardware with our software.
  • Our software can work with any hardware
  • Our system saves you money on infrastructure
Have control over your business
  • Get Real-Time, that’s ‘as-it-happens’ Data
  • Fraud prevention is increased with multiple points of hardware and software providing scrutiny.
  • More relevant analytic insights into your operations will predict bottlenecks and identify new revenue opportunities
Made for Fuel Retailers
  • Efficient Fleet Fuel Management
  • Scientific Fuel in Tank Monitoring
  • Convenient Fuel Voucher Payment
  • Auto Dealership Fuel Management
  • Fuel Loyalty, Rewards and Rebates