It is perfect for non-banked or security conscious customers who want to keep their personal information, such as credit card details, secret. The Payment24 Mobile Wallet allows consumers to securely store and spend funds with the option to link credit cards to their mobile wallets as a funding mechanism.


Integrated Fuel Monitoring merges fleet telematics and fuel management in an integrated commercial fleet fuel management system, providing a range of powerful tools to efficiently run your fleet and control operations, yielding significant savings and optimal performance


This is an extremely accurate real-time satellite vehicle tracking system that delivers information on the location, activity and fuel levels of your vehicles, every second of the day to our management portal on your web device. It improves business performance and customer service by providing relevant real-time information.


Payment24 Dealership Fueling System is a lower-cost lighter version of our Fleet Management System specifically designed around Auto Dealerships. Traditionally, dealerships have a set deal in place with the closest Service Station to fill their demo, pre-owned and used vehicles at the forecourt by issuing paper vouchers/slips to the Sales Reps. This loose arrangement makes for a large fraud risk for the Dealership and not much control over the fills.

Take back control of your fleet…

Now you can do just that!Know exactly where your vehicle and driver are and precisely how much fuel is in the tank every second of the day!


Payment24 has created an unrivalled cost-effective Fleet Fuel Management Solution, providing complete control and access to accurate and timely information in real-time.
Your costs will drop immediately.

33% of your turnover is spent on fuel. Fraudulent fuel transactions cost companies 15% of their total annual fuel spend. Work that out! Don’t sit wondering why your fuel bill is off the chart. Ask us. Know what is really happening in your business and take action, now!


The Payment24 portal keeps all your vehicle-related information in one place and is accessible on your mobile or computer.

  • Our Fleet Portal is an interactive web-based tool that enables users to securely access and perform selected tasks on their account
  • Fleet Customers, Head Office Users and Merchants can gain full self-service access
  • The portal can be accessed via any web-based device
  • You don’t have to wait until the end of the week or month to pinpoint problems

At a glance you can:

  • Manage every aspect of your fleet. Manage all your vehicles, drivers and filling rules dynamically
  • Split your vehicles between different cost centres/departments to ease internal billing processes.
  • Additions or changes are available immediately throughout the network
  • Renewal dates of insurance, permits, inspections, contracts
  • Check routine maintenance, tyre inspection, oil change, parts replacement – all can be scheduled based on date or mileage

Extremely competitive pricing

  • Because of its low price, Payment24 lowers the barrier to entry to fleet owners who might not have used a fleet management tool before, due to its perceived high cost.
  • Unlike traditional and costly AVI sensors used in nozzles and fuel tanks, the contactless windscreen tags cost only R15 – R30 each
  • Tags are unlikely to break, work with basic technology and can be quickly replaced without the vehicle going in to a workshop and losing valuable transport time off the road.
  • As fleet owners move from merely tracking their vehicles and drivers to implementing a comprehensive solution, they’ll soon realise huge secondary benefits.
  • We can have you up and running with Payment24 within 2 weeks.