Auto Dealership Fuel Management


Payment24 Dealership Fuelling System is a low cost light version of Fleet Management System which is specifically designed around Auto Dealerships. Traditionally, Auto Dealerships have a set deal in place with the closest Service Station to fill their demo, pre-owned and used vehicles at the forecourt by issuing paper vouchers/slips to the Sales Reps. This opens up lot of fraud risk for the Dealership and not much control over the fills.

Core Features:

  • Vehicle & Driver Identification
  • No hardware installation
  • Electronic Voucher System
  • Fuelling for inventory vehicles
  • Multiple fuelling for demos
  • Manage company vehicles

How does Auto Dealership Fuel Management work?

Auto car dealership fuel management system
Payment24 Dealership System reduces this risk by identifying the Vehicle & Driver at the selected Service Station by using any one of the License Disc, VIN Number, Mobile Number and contactless technologies.

Using which Fleet Manager/Dealer Principle or whoever is in charge of issuing credit or fuel vouchers can control Fuel budget via our Auto Dealership Fuel Management for a particular vehicle or the sales person.

These virtual vouchers or credit are send to the Sales Person’s cell phone which he can use to fill up at your selected Service Station.  Alternatively you can give daily/weekly/monthly limits to your Sales Staff who can utilize the limits as per your set rules. We also provide branded NFC Contactless Cards if one wants.  In some cases, we negotiate discounted fuel (Petrol & Diesel both) for you from the Service Station.
Payment24 has extensive set of business rules for filling like

Methods of Payment:

  • Dealership Mobile Application
  • Contactless Driver Card
  • Vehicle Number Plate
  • License Disc
  • VIN Number

Payment24 Dealership Controls:

  • Verify if correct vehicle was on the forecourt
  • Volume/Tank size allowed per transaction
  • Volume allowed per week
  • Number of transactions allowed per day
  • Number of transactions allowed per week
  • Number of incorrect PIN entries allowed
  • Card lock-out period after incorrect PINs
  • Volume allowed per day
  • Days of the week card can be used
  • Times of the day card can be used
  • Allowed Locations
  • Allowed Products
  • Allocate Monthly Credit Limits
  • Many more….
All transactions are authorized in real time and the Auto Dealership gets real time reports about all the fills. Payment24 Dealership Fuelling System takes away the admin & fraud risk from the Auto Dealerships and Service Stations as well. Payment24 does the transaction settlement between Auto Dealership and the selected Service Station on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Payment24 Dealership Fuelling System is not a typical traditional fleet system as it has been adopted for Auto Dealerships specifically. Also the same system can be used to offer FREE FUEL to your customers on vehicle purchases which is very much appreciated by the customers. Auto Dealerships can also run a Loyalty Program for their customers around their Service & Maintenance business using the same system.

Why choose Auto dealership Fuel Management


Online real time order reports and balance reports

Free Administration

Free administration of your order through control panel

Email Notifications

Email notifications for each order placed on your Website

Excellent Support

Excellent Support and access to your order status reports

Core Features


Vehicle and Driver Identification


No hardware installation

Voucher System

Electronic Voucher System


Fuelling for inventory vehicles

Methods of Payment

Mobile Application

Dealership Mobile Application

Driver Card

Contactless Driver Card


License Disc

Number Plate

Vehicle Number Plate