We’re constantly raising the bar by introducing new technologies, innovations and solutions to the petroleum industrythat makes life easier for fuel retailers, fleet operators and customers alike. Just imagine controlling the petrol pump using your mobile phone. Well it is happening now.

Shadab Rahil, Joint CEO of Payment24

The technology is becoming increasingly personal and agile. Allowing for better ease of use, less error and more efficient transacting. We are literally leading our customers step-by-step into the future.

Nolan Daniel, Joint CEO of Payment24


Payment24 focuses on innovative IT research and development projects within the main focus areas of Fleet Management Systems, Payment Systems, Mobile Solutions and Retail Solutions.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cape Town and Berlin, we help global organisations of all sizes stay competitive through the implementation of innovative technology and delivery of inspired ground breaking solutions.


Hardware Agnostic

Our platform works with your current hardware and software, or you can use our hardware.

Light Infrastructure

Payment24 is very light in terms of infrastructure and does not need any expensive hardware investment.

Low Cost

Payment24 utilises whatever system is already available on vehicles and at retailers to avoid additional hardware and roll out costs.


Payment24 is a private company registered in the Republic of South Africa.

Partnerships and Affiliations

Some of the Companies already using Payment24 solutions successfully