Fleet Operators

You can manage an entire operation on our platform. We offer a proven solution that allows you to track employees, vehicles and fuel consumption (and over 40 other ‘rules’) in real time so you can better control your business.

Our Fleet Fuel Management system eliminates fuel fraud and improves the efficiency of your operation and the behaviour of your drivers!

Fuel Retailers

We give you real-time control of your business. Manage customers, operations and costs all in one integrated online system via the Payment24 portal.

Your customers love Payment24’s solutions that work to increase retention of clients and differentiate your business from the competition. 

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Cost-effective Fleet Solution

  • Verify Correct Vehicle & Driver: Done at the time of transaction, physically at the Gas Station. Payment24 is one of the only fleet products to offer this.
  • Self-service Management Tools for Petroleum Companies and their fleet customers via web or mobile app interfaces.
  • Real-time Management vehicle/driver fuel refilling rules and transaction authorisation in real time.
  • Fully-integrates with your Existing Environment: automatically authorise and release the fuel pump using your existing infrastructure.
  • Flexible Discount Possibilities: Create at head office level, service station or setup per fleet. Create sliding scales per customer per product per location.

Fuel in Tank (FIT) for Fleets

  • Fuel Monitoring and Theft Prevention: Not just applicable during the refuelling process, we can monitor your fuel levels in the tank 24/7 and will alert you in real-time of any fuel siphoning off with location!
  • Real-time Fuel Verification: Accurately determine the time and the amount of refuelling and fuel usage (or fuel drains).
  • Multiple Integrations: Payment24 supports a number of fuel sensor types, from big 18 wheeler trucks to passenger cars.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: We achieve higher accuracy than the vehicle’s fuel gauge, with accuracy of up to 99% in a moving vehicle.
  • Fuel Dispensed vs Fuel in Tank: Payment24 compares fuel dispensed from the pump with the fuel delivered in the fuel tank of the vehicle in real-time and will red-flag instances where they don’t match.

The Payment24 system is designed to be an open platform from ground up, allowing for easy integration into 3rd party systems.


We use your existing infrastructure as far as possible to save you valuable time and money.


We can supply hardware to use, but we happily integrate our system with your existing hardware.


Unlike other systems, the Payment24 platform gives you real-time control over every aspect of your needs.

Some of the Companies using Payment24


Payment24 offers a solution for every size of fleet operators:

From large, complex fleets with thousands of vehicles to smart, small businesses looking to minimise their fuel spend and manage operations more efficiently.