Integrated Fuel Monitoring merges fleet telematics and fuel management in an integrated commercial fleet fuel management system, providing a range of powerful tools to efficiently run your fleet and control operations, yielding significant savings and optimal performance, including:

  • Fleet tracking and routing
  • Fuel optimization
  • Fleet maintenance and diagnostics
  • Business management and scheduling
  • Scrutinising driver behaviour and safety
  • Fleet analytics and alerts

Extremely competitive pricing

  • Because of its low price, Payment24 lowers the barrier to entry to fleet owners who might not have used a fleet management tool before, due to its perceived high cost.
  • Unlike traditional and costly AVI sensors used in nozzles and fuel tanks, the contactless windscreen tags cost only R15 – R30 each
  • Tags are unlikely to break, work with basic technology and can be quickly replaced without the vehicle going in to a workshop and losing valuable transport time off the road.
  • As fleet owners move from merely tracking their vehicles and drivers to implementing a comprehensive solution, they’ll soon realise huge secondary benefits.
  • We can have you up and running with Payment24 within 2 weeks.
Safe & Secure

PAYMENT24 ensures that all connections and communications are private and all information is confidential across all platforms.

Fast Response

We have the technology to respond to your requests rapidly. Loyalty and promotions are often spur of the moment inspirations. We deliver.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer support and guidance to clients whether for simple or complex problems. We have a solution.